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ZZP Now At BookCourt


Zach, Zoey and Pilot now find themselves is great company at one of our favorite book stores — BookCourt, located in the historic Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn.


Zach, Zoey, Pilot, Patrick & Sig In Bologna

Aaron “Sig” Sigmond and Patrick Regout at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

AS WITH MOST interpersonal rapports, my friendship and collaboration with Patrick ebbs and flows. At times we engage in a great flurry of communication and activity; during others we scarcely interact. There are even instances when we disagree, though thankfully they’re quite rare.

What’s unique, or at least curious, is that for such a close partnership ours is almost exclusively virtual. In the beginning, when we worked on magazines together, we corresponded via fax. Today, with Zach, Zoey and Pilot, we stay in touch via e-mail, and Skype maybe once or twice a year.

The last time I saw Patrick in person was over eight years ago — January 2006 — while visiting Belgium, where he and his family live. So it was a rare treat indeed to meet up with him in Italy in late March for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to present and celebrate The Adventures of Zach & Zoey. Continue reading