Zach, Zoey, Pilot + Sig Travel America: Los Angeles, California

CapitalRecordsBuildingLAST STOP — LaLa Land. Tinsel Town. Hollywood. Well, really, LA. I hope you enjoyed following our 17-day, 4,900-mile, 15-state (with 10 overnight destinations) road trip across America from New York to back to Los Angeles via I-90 and Route 101. Literally and figuratively it has been quite a ride.

As for me, I have now traveled to and through 45 of the 50 U.S. states. Missing? Alaska, Kansas, Maine, Missouri and North Dakota. One day. And while the third installment of Zach, Zoey and Pilot (Dinner is at Half Past Six) is well underway, I could easily foresee an all American adventure one day.

And a very special thanks HASSELBLAD USA for the Stellar. What a simply perfect little camera.



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