Zach, Zoey, Pilot + Sig Travel America: Butte, Montana

Butte-lo-res-7MUCH AKIN TO Trenton, NJ, Hudson, NY, or Flint, MI, you can easily imagine what the once mini-metropolis of Butte, MT (population a surprising 33.750) once was. However, today, she is sad, or rather incredibly lonely. Worn by time and neglect the town offers intriguing architecture (a curious combination of Victorian, Prairie Federal Revival and Art Deco), peeling paint and fading signs. Scarcely a car goes by on Main Street with any regular sense of traffic. Rush hour has all but been forgotten. Yet of all the places on the trek across the U.S. Butte is among the most visually arresting and hauntingly beautiful.

Butte OilWell lo-res copyButte-Hote-lo-resM&Mlo-resButteBeerlores



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